A Hypoparathyroidism Refresher

By Leila Turner, ND

As we practice medicine over the years we get into our ruts and tend to see the same patterns over and over again. This expertise in recognizing patterns is, of course, essential as we become experts in the field, however, we may also become less likely to remember to consider other things that might be going on. In my practice, I treat a lot of menopause and osteoporosis and it’s easy to just start treating the bones with our common and wonderfully effective treatments. However, hypoparathyroidism must be considered in all moderate to aggressive osteoporotic patients. Muscle cramps and spasms also frequently get attributed to poor diet and electrolyte deficiencies; again hypoparathyroidism should be considered when you see these symptoms. What about patients with hypothyroid or with a history of partial or complete thyroidectomy? These patients too should be checked for hypoparathyroid.

Here is a refresher that I hope you find helpful.

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