A Letter from the President

Dr. Alan Christianson here. Thank you so much for your commitment to our profession and the field of endocrinology. The EndoANP board just finished a weekend retreat and I’m really excited about our future in this specialty. The event was held over a 3-day weekend in Phoenix, Arizona.In terms of tangible tasks, we updated our values and mission, completed the review process for our fellowship exam questions, and held an open house for Naturopathic students and Naturopathic physicians who are interested in specialty tracks. 

What was most dramatic to me from the event were some of the less tangible things. I feel like we really got to connect as a board. We shared our love of Naturopathic medicine and the power of lifestyle on health. We realized that we all saw hormones as the yoke connecting daily choices to wellbeing, the reversal of chronic disease, and longevity.

Here’s what really hit home for me. After spending time with the board, I’m happy to tell you that this organization is guided by the brightest, most heart-centered group of doctors I could imagine. I’m honored to be connected with them.

We all got inspired and did lots of big dreaming. Now it is time to put it into action. Please keep your eyes on us In the coming months. Here are some behind the scenes insights:

1. We have bold plans for doubling our membership so that we can bring you even more top quality CE’s, including ND and pharm.
2. Before 2018 is over, expect to be able to apply to be in the premier group of Fellows of Naturopathic Endocrinology (FABNE)
3. Have you defined an area of focus? Should you? Stay tuned for a live webinar in which we have a roundtable discussion on the topic of Naturopathic specialists and generalists. – See details to the right.
4. Keep your calendar open for an intimate retreat with us in 2019. We will host a small group of 40 Naturopathic Physicians and go deep into the management of Hashimoto’s, Infertility, PCOS, Metabolic Syndrome, and more. Clinical care and practice development will both be covered.

I believe that the work you and I are doing in these Naturopathic Speciality organizations can help our profession take its rightful place as the leader in natural medicine. Let’s roll up our sleeves and make it happen.

Yours in good health,
Dr. Alan Christianson

PS. As you can see there is a lot going on. We’d love your help and your expertise. Please reach out to me personally anytime with input on what you could offer and how we can help you more. Drop a note to endoanp@gmail.com to find out more.

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