Member Profile: Deb McKay, ND, FABNE

Dr. Deb McKay loves Mother Nature and the brilliant complexity of hormones. She is thrilled and honored to be recognized as a FABNE, a genuine expert in naturopathic endocrinology. From a country girl who grew up on an island only accessible only by ferry, to a big-city specialist physician, it’s been an astonishing journey in many ways. She assures her friends and her patients that the best is yet to come — it’s never too late to start having a better life. 

Having achieved “senior citizen” status, she is amazed to notice what it’s like to live inside an aging body with an active, supremely curious mind: “How can my daughter possibly be in her mid-thirties, given that I’m only 25 at heart?” she laments. She does embrace her Boomerhood in a couple of carefully selected ways, eschewing EHR and insurance contracts, choosing instead to focus her attention (and nowadays her video camera) on removing obstacles for her patients who are seeking energy, stamina, fertility, strong bodies, peace of mind, and a good night’s sleep. 

She graduated from then-NCNM (now NUNM) in 2005, already a mid-life soccer mom nearly a generation older than most of her classmates. She has always focused on hormones, since day one of her practice. Her practice has been full and wait-listed purely from word of mouth for many years already, perhaps because she has lived through so many of the ordeals her patients must face. Her contagious optimism is well founded because, as all good naturopaths know, those events called “miracles” are mostly just demonstrations of the innate healing abilities of the body — and the spirit. 
Any reader of this article already knows this: If you activate those inborn healing abilities using the awesomeness of naturopathic medicine, then you’ll see apparent miracle healings as a matter of routine. What a privilege to take miracles for granted, don’t you agree? 
Dr. Deb’s solo clinic is in Portlandia, Oregon, a city currently making headlines

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